Founded in 2007, the Fenton Winery and Brewery is an award winning and innovative microbrewery and Winery located on the north end of Fenton, MI. There is an in-brewery taproom open to the public 6 days a week, a sprawling 1.25 acre park-like Wine and Beer Garden, a full service banquet hall and a retail store for carry-out and homebrewing supplies. Fenton Winery and Brewery strives to strike a balance, brewing both wine and beer with equal intensity.

The Winery

Aviary Photo_130446234001660455Fenton Winery produces more than 20 wines; styles include white, red & fruit infused.  The tastes vary from dry to sweet, stainless steal aged to oak barrel aged.  You can do samplers of the wines at the FWB taproom, 3 wines are even on tap and all the wines are available to go by the bottle. There is a steady rotation of seasonal wines and specialties such as Apple Pie Wine in the Fall, Mulled Red Wine in the winter & a House Port that has been fortified with French barrel-aged Brandy. Popular wine related services include “Make Your Own Wine” batches and personalized wine labels for gift giving.

The Brewery

Production Brewery MichiganOpened in 2009 with just 3 beer styles (Wheat, Amber, Imperial Nut Brown), the brewery operations quickly grew to accommodate 13 taps at their in-brewery taproom.  Guests can enjoy brewery side sampler trays and get carry-out growler fills 6 days a week.

In the early years, beers were brewed on a “nano” 1/2bbl (15 gallon) system. As demand grew, and local restaurants and bars began asking for the beer, plans for a larger brewery and distribution were put in place.  In 2013, a new 3-vessel, 7bbl (217 gallon), all electric brewery was installed at their Fenton Township facility. The brewery was manufactured by a joint venture between Brewmation (New York) and Stout Tanks (Oregon) it is state-of-the-art in its design. Including touchscreen controls, the brewery is the first of its kind to be assembled and put into production in the United States, and is also one of the largest electric breweries in Michigan.

FWB is proud to be distributed in 10 southeast MI counties by Rave Associates, out of Ann Arbor Michigan.

The Owners

Matt Ginny SherrowMatt and Ginny Sherrow, both born and raised in Waterford, Michigan, have lived in the Fenton area for more than 10 years, and have truly enjoyed becoming a part of the Fenton business community. Matt and Ginny have two sons, Joshua and Kyle.

Matt is an automotive engineer turned wine maker/brewer. A Kettering University alum with a ME degree, Matt is now primarily in charge of all production operations at the FWB. He initially fell in love with the idea of entrepreneurship while earning an MBA at DePaul University in Chicago. The original plan after DePaul was to work up the corporate ladder to eventually manage a manufacturing plant; however, Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes at DePaul changed everything – the idea of starting a small business had been born.

Creating the FWB was the perfect opportunity to combine a love of wine and beer with the desire to start a small business.

Ginny’s passion is finance. A proud Clemson University graduate with a degree in Finance, Ginny is now in charge of all finance matters for the FWB.  She also oversees the sales side of the business – the marketing, the atmosphere of FWB, etc. She strives to make sure everything that guests ‘see’ is just right.

A Little History

The Sherrow’s passion for the crafts began long before the business. All their travels as a couple seemed to land them either at a winery or brewery, helping them develop their knowledge base of the industry and its tasty products. With the determination to open a business around something they loved, they put ideas to plan, and using personal financing, they opened the Fenton Winery in 2007 in a strip mall on North Leroy St. in Fenton.

Begun at the early stages of the Recession, the business grew slowly at first, but the owners stayed committed to their dream. They continued to build upon their business plan, make quality products and provide good service. Once they began to experience growth in wine sales, both in-house and wholesale, they decided to bring their home brewing passion to the business. Seeing an opportunity with the growing craft beer market in Michigan, Matt and Ginny became the Fenton Winery & Brewery by adding beer to their selection in 2009, a natural fit for the couple who enjoy beer as much as wine.

Through the years, the commitment to the community has been a priority for the Fenton Winery & Brewery. A great relationship with the local community has allowed them to continue their growth, patrons became friends, fellow business owners became partners in growing together locally. As time went on, the business expanded at its original location by tripling its footprint in the strip mall, adding great staff, buying larger fermentation tanks, holding fun events and offering banquet space.

For 5 years, all production took place in the strip mall and in order to keep up with growing demand, the 1/2bbl (15 gallon) system used to brew all of the beer had to be run twice a day which yielded only 2 standard kegs. The great thing about all that brewing was that many recipes were tested and refined. Through the years, the Fenton Winery & Brewery has been able to develop a solid line-up of beer as well as wine. Whenever a limited wine or beer recipe was a hit with their regulars, they took note.

Never ones to sit still for too long, Matt and Ginny always had an eye to have their own building, out of the confines of a strip mall. In 2012, a facility at 1370 N. Long Lake Road was purchased to be outfitted for its brewery & winery operations. Matt & Ginny worked over a year installing their new 7bbl microbrewery system. And as of October 2013, some favorites are out on distribution trucks for delivery including their Staggering Bull Imperial Nut Brown Ale, Eminent Double IPA and Lights Out Wheat Porter.

In June 2014, FWB moved out of the confines of the strip mall to their own property located at 1370 N. Long Lake Road. The new “in-brewery” taproom and outdoor wine & beer garden (over an acre!) is open 6 days a week.  The taproom and garden entrance is located between the buildings on the property.  The front, landmark building, is in the works to become a new banquet facility to open in 2015.