Be a Positive Voice for Change!

 Greetings fans and friends,

It’s been an amazing 7 years as we’ve taken our little winery and grew it to what it is today. And you have been the main reason for its success. Thank you!

As a loyal friend of the FWB, we are seeking your continued support in several meetings that we have with Fenton Township. If you believe in what FWB means to the community and enjoy the events that we hold at our facility, then we humbly ask you to come out and show your support. You can show your support just by being there, or if you wish, by speaking on our behalf during the public comment period. You do not need to be a Fenton resident.

We have 2 very important meetings with Fenton Township:


Thursday, November 13th @ 7pm

The first public meeting is to obtain some Township required special use permits allowing us to have live music (inside & outside), have outdoor seating/service in our beer garden, erect tents, and hold painting parties. Help us drown out any negative voices at the meeting. We will be at the FWB taproom at 6pm, you are welcome to join us if you have any questions or want to travel over as a group, otherwise we hope to see you there by 7pm. Wear your FWB colors. The Township is 1 minute from our facility off of N. Long Lake Rd.: 12060 Mantawauka Drive.



November, Date & Time TBD

This is an extremely important one for us. We are appealing the Township’s strict requirement for a full fire suppression system for our front building. Our appeal is based on the difficulty of installation due to a lack of municipal water, on the building’s existing fire safety features and its intended use. We will make the meeting day and time public as soon as it is scheduled.

If we get the variance in the month of November, we may be able to do some December Holiday parties and a fundraiser for the Old News Boys!

Thank you so much for all of the support you have given us over the years, allowing us to share with you our passion. We hope you can join us once again to help support and continue the #FWBJourney.

                         Cheers, Matt & Ginny Sherrow

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