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Greetings FWB friends and fans


Well, it would appear that “fall” means to make itself known. Starting the week off with a rainy Monday, we thought we’d just give you a quick update as to the status of the “house” at the front of our property.


As most of you know (and if you didn’t, well here it is in a snapshot) we did have every intention of having that building (the former Creative Wood Products showroom) open and ready to host events and receive your large, banquets by now. We’ve given you a few quick peeks into our somewhat alarming discovery that, in order for us to do that, we would have to install a complex and very expensive sprinkler system to keep within the parameters of local fire safety code.


Well, we have been collecting bids for the system (and welcome any referrals) and they are coming in between $100,000 -$120,000 all said and done with the necessary water holding tanks, designated well, pumps, etc. It will take us quite some time to raise this kind of capital and so we do want to apologize to our many customers and organizations who have been asking to use the space and especially to all the community fundraising committees we work with annually for any inconvenience this has caused.


We are determined to get this building open and have had several meetings with local township officials. Unfortunately, we have been informed in no uncertain terms that we cannot use the building for anything more than storage or retail space. They will not even approve small events on a temporary basis where alcohol (even tasting) or food will be involved, unless and until we install an automatic sprinkler system. The adopted code DOES allow for alternatives and variances to a full sprinkler system, which is common in other Michigan areas where municipal water is not available, as is the case in Fenton Township. We are currently in the appeal stage, and will be asking for a variance based on many sound reasons including the difficulty of installation, the building’s layout and our intended use.


We will keep you updated, but until we are able to raise the funds or receive a variance, we will not be able to host public events in the front building.


Thanks for listening and supporting us in this amazing journey!


Just a reminder! Our taproom is open and located in the back building, please visit us:

Monday: closed

Tues-Thurs: 3 – 9 pm

Friday & Saturday: noon – 10 pm

Sunday: noon – 8 pm


Matt & Ginny


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